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Compassionate, Consistent, and Capable Family Law and Divorce Attorneys in New York

Going through a divorce or separation can be challenging if not painful. It would be impossible not to worry about the children—if you will be able to be present in their lives, or how the property and the assets of the union will be divided. The stress and worry can have an impact on your children, your career, and even your dignity. Family law issues are about more than money, more than where you will live, they are essentially about who you were, who you are, and who you will become. Our NYC family law attorneys understand that some clients cannot see past the ending to the new beginning. It is our job to help you succeed in gracefully creating closure on one important point in your life, and placing your feet in the starting position of a new and positive journey.

At the Provda Law Firm our divorce lawyers spend time with each and every client to find that necessary story which will inevitably guide the course of the divorce. Whether you are looking for a collaborative divorce attorney in New York or a child custody lawyer in Brooklyn you will find what you are looking for in our team of New York family lawyers.

Our New York Divorce Attorneys

Our divorce lawyers in New York City have a strong and passionate background in their representation of families going through a divorce or separation. Each attorney works tirelessly on the client’s behalf to create the most amicable, fair, and correct path to marital dissolution and child custody cases. Our firm handles:

Our divorce attorneys in New York are seasoned in both mediation and collaborative divorces and those less amicable and courtroom-bound. We handle all manner of divorce cases, including but not limited to: high net worth divorces, religious divorces, military divorces, same sex divorces, fault divorces, contested and uncontested divorces.

NY Divorce and Child Custody Lawyer

The Provda Law Firm handle divorce cases all across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Our assertive and diligent family law attorneys have supplied legal representation on all aspects of divorce and child custody disputes. All of us here feel that when children are involved it is our job to be their advocate, first. Children need someone in their corner, and we are a team of fighters. We will fight for your and your child’s right to custody and visitation in a safe and hospitable environment. Our child custody attorneys are courtroom advocates for women and mother’s rights, father’s rights, grandparents’ rights and the minor child or children at the center of the dispute.

From time to time, it becomes necessary to attend to other legal issues such as orders to show cause, orders of protection, and even allegations of parental kidnapping. We put our strongest attorneys to work on each and every issue that arises in your case. Our family law practice is a collaborative firm of family law and divorce attorneys. Our clients can only benefit from the deep domain expertise of our team of divorce lawyers in New York.

Non-Traditional Family Law in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and New York City

New York has always been a multicultural mecca to all people and cultures. Marriages in New York have always had a rather large contingent of what many would call “unique marriages”. Whether we are talking about religious marriages or gay and lesbian marriages, New Yorkers have always done things our own way. For example, we have large religious communities that do not submit their religious authority to the state and therefore many married couples here have a religious marriage without a civil marriage. Our Brooklyn family lawyers work with the Jewish and Muslim communities in the area. At times, it becomes necessary to take religious arbitration and mediation to the civil courts. That’s when the skill and expertise of our New York family attorneys is brought to bear. Our attorneys have a great deal of success in gaining orders that enable women to receive “gets” or retain custody of their minor children, as well as, assist men in bestowing gets and enforcing a fair settlement.

In addition to assisting the religious in their aspirations, our family law attorneys have long participated in gay and lesbian legal documentation that would bind and provide benefits for their long-term partners. Since 2011 the spectrum of unique families widened to include the legal, civil marriage of gay families. With the possibility of marriage also comes the potential for divorce, and our divorce lawyers have begun working with members of the gay and lesbian community to prepare for and facilitate a gay divorce.

Settlements, Equitable Distribution, and Child Support

Our goals and the goals of each and every family lawyer in our New York firm is to ensure that our clients receive fair treatment and leave their marriage or partnership with dignity and closure. We have family law attorneys and mediation and divorce lawyers who are highly skilled in mediation and collaborative divorce. It is their goal to resolve disputes and differences outside the courtroom and create settlement and custody documentation that is amenable to all parties. Our NYC divorce lawyers work with you and the opposing counsel, as well as, any potential specialists or experts to create a document that will ensure equity in the divorce.

If, however, mediation breaks down and the divorce moves into a situation where a trial is necessary our attorneys have years of courtroom experience, even making case law in equitable distribution and divorce that is studied all across the country. Our New York divorce attorney is more than happy to handle any and all uncontested divorce cases, but we invested in divorce lawyers who not only know how to carry themselves in a courtroom, but actually enjoy being there. We will handle your martial property disputes, we will ensure that all real and personal property, retirement, business assets, investments, and even professional licenses are examined by the court for fair distribution. This has been our area of expertise and why we have so many referrals to our firm from former clients—because we know how to properly investigate any and all allegations of impropriety in the handling of assets, how to gage future earnings of a business or license, and how to convince the courts that the division of these assets meets the grounds for equitable distribution.

We understand that divorce and custody disputes are hard, but you don’t need to make them any harder by choosing the wrong divorce lawyer. Pick a team that is successful, but more importantly, compassionate. The last thing anyone needs when going through a life-changing, harrowing experience like the dissolution of a family is an attorney they can’t get on the phone. Here at Bukh and Provda we have staff available 24 hours a day through our call center for the purpose of being there in the event of depression or tragedy. Call us today. Our family and divorce lawyers in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx are here to help. We also provide divorce and family services for men and for women. Google+

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