Bruce Provda sitting on a desk at the NY law firm

Bruce Provda, Esq.

Bruce became an attorney in New York as far back as the 1970s. He has remained a formidable force to reckon with ever since. Bruce focuses on divorce and separation, child custody, domestic violence as well as uncontested divorce. Some of Bruce’s clients have been known to describe him as being as aggressive as a very hungry shark in the wild ocean; an analogy which captures his passion for the law and how passionate he is about ensuring that his clients achieve the desired results. Bruce has been active in the legal profession long enough to immediately identify and understand where a case is likely to be more complex than others. Applying every available resource to the most complicated divorce, separation, custody and domestic violence cases, Bruce’s reputation in the field of family law in New York is unrivalled. He provides his clients with well tailored representation which perfectly suits their particular circumstances. One of Bruce’s best approaches is to lay the law as it relates to his client’s case bare before them, giving the client the opportunity to make a well informed decision about how to proceed with their divorce, settlement or child custody case. Simply put, with Bruce Provda on your side no matter what the facts of your case are, you are assured of the most professional representation ever.

Bruce is not only a renowned divorce lawyer; he is also extensively experienced in all matters relating to family law. Bruce is a graduate of Long Island University and subsequently, of the Hofstra University School of Law. He is a member of the New York Bar City Association as well as the Brooklyn Bar Association, Family Law Section. Provda is a family law and divorce veteran. Whether you need a firmly grounded attorney for domestic violence, asset distribution following the breakdown of your relationship, deciding on the custody of the children, Bruce Provda is on hand to provide you with specialist advice from a wealth of knowledge gathered and constantly renewed over the last four decades.

Bruce is a proud member of Justia (see his Justia profile).