Life After Divorce For Women: How To Get Your Life Into Balance?

Picking Up The Pieces Of Your Life: Post Divorce

There is nothing like a divorce to throw a woman into what I call the ‘Imbalanced Life Syndrome’

It’s like the rug got pulled out from under you.

You feel like you are walking on shaky ground…

And this usually goes hand in hand with low self esteem, confusion and feeling overwhelmed.

One day you are a married woman doing all the married woman things.

Then what seems like overnight you are a single divorced woman and often times a single mom.

Your emotions are probably all over the map.

You go from the stress relief of finally being free from the bad marriage, to anger, sadness and loneliness.

And you can feel all of these emotions many times throughout your day.

So what it the solution to this imbalance in your life after divorce that I have called the ‘Imbalanced Life Syndrome?’

How to Rebuild Your New Life After Divorce

Actually if you look on the positive side of being single again, you will realize that this is a perfect opportunity to rebuild your life after divorce.

Men do it all the time.

After a divorce you will often see the guy driving around in his new red sports car with his shirt unbuttoned to his naval with a hot young chick sitting next to him.

Now I’m not suggesting that you get yourself a new sports car and drive around town with a hot young guy sitting next to you.

But I wouldn’t rule it out either!

Picking Up The Pieces Of Your Life: Post Divorce

Actually what I’m suggesting is you get a whole new look on the outside because that will do wonders for your inside emotional feelings and self esteem.

There is nothing like a makeover to give a divorced woman a new start in her new life.

The first place to start is with your weight.

Many women after a divorce find themselves with added pounds from emotional eating.

Or you may have had a weight problem during your marriage and you took it with you after your split as if it was part of the divorce settlement.

Life After Divorce For Women: The Best Way To Increase Your Confidence and Self Esteem

Whatever the case this is a great time to let go of the extra weight you’re carrying around. Your motivation is at a high to make changes as you enter into single scene so take advantage of it.

The best way to lose weight is to find a diet solution that is a lifestyle rather than a quick fix. The last thing you need is to have the yo-yo syndrome of quickly losing it only to gain it back.

You need to experience success not failure at this time of your life. Success is going to give you more self esteem and confidence and it is a form of stress management.

By following a healthy weight loss program you will begin to feel more energy and more excited about your new life.

I particularly have found The Diet Solution Program to be a very balanced lifestyle program that not only succeeds in you losing all your weight but also supports you in maintaining your weight and your good health throughout your life.

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Change Your ‘Look’ To Improve Your Self Image

Along with losing weight try out a new hair stylist and go for a different hair style and color. On you way home from the hair salon stop by the cosmetic counter at your favorite department store and get a makeover.

And once you have reached your weight loss goal update your wardrobe with some chic looking dating outfits to complete the new you.

It is a strange phenomenon how after a divorce when a woman changes her image she also changes her confidence and self image.

Now don’t get me wrong…

I’m not suggesting that just by changing your image everything else will fall into place. But it is an important step in the process of preparing yourself for your new and exciting future.

And it is part of re-balancing and rebuilding your life after divorce.

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Suzy Weiss