Why He Stopped Calling : # 3 Main Reason (3 of 5)

One More Truth

One More Truth: Why Men Don’t Call Back.

Are You Wasting Time With The Wrong Men?

Are you feeling anxious that you’re running out of time?

When another year rolls around, do you find yourself hoping that maybe this will be the year you’ll meet Mr. Right.

Do you feel that pain in your gut, when someone you haven’t seen in awhile asks you if you have met anyone special yet?

After all, enough time has passed since your divorce… you would have thought by now you would be in a committed relationship.

Every year on your birthday when you’re another year older do you think: ‘OMG, am I going to spend the rest of my life alone’?

Kathy, an active member of my Facebook community, sent me this email recently.

Hi Suzy,

I have a question.

What can I do to stop wasting time with the wrong men?

When I meet a man and we seem to hit it off, I give the relationship a lot of time and energy believing he could be Mr. Right.

But then after spending several months dating and getting to know him, I realize that he is not ready for a committed relationship for one reason or another.

Sometimes it’s other issues, like having different core values that I discover only after being in the relationship for several months.

Most recently, I have tried to find out early on if a guy is a commitment-phobe or if we have different values etc.

But it seems like when I’ve tried that approach, he doesn’t call back after that date.

It leaves me wondering, ‘Why He Stopped Calling?’

I’m afraid that all I’m doing is wasting time with the wrong men and at this rate I will never meet a man who I can be in a serious relationship with.

Please tell me how to get out of this vicious cycle.


Sound similar to what you’ve been up against?

Okay, let me first tell you that the problem with Kathy is not that she is wasting time with the wrong men.

The underlying problem is that she is scared that she is running out of time and that’s what makes her think she’s is wasting time with the wrong men.

True she may be meeting the wrong men, but there is not short cut to finding that out.