How Can A Couple Avoid Divorce

Predicting divorce

A recent study by John Gottman, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of Washington, points to six predictors of divorce.

Recognized in 2007 as one of the nation’s ten-most influential marital therapists in the last 25-years, Gottman’s research has shown how couples to make up after a fight, stay together and save a marriage.

Gottman’s Method Couple’s Therapy” aims to increase respect, affection, and closeness as a couple of breks through and resolves conflicts calmly.

Divorce Less Likely As Couple Is Closer In Age

Having a few years on your spouse could increased the odds of getting a divorce. Couples with a one-ear difference have a 3% higher chance of divorce while a couple with a five-year gap have an 18% chance. When the age gap grows to ten years, the chances of divorce jump to almost 40$.

Expensive Weddings Don’t Equate to Happiness

Spent $20,000 or more on a wedding and you have a 46% chance of being more likely to get a divorce. The good news? Couples who spent $1,000 or less on the wedding found they enjoyed a 53% chance of staying together.

Unemployed Husbands Increase Odds of Divorce

Most Americans still buy into the idea of men being the breadwinner. Unemployed husbands have over 3% chance of being divorced within a year of losing their jobs. Husbands enjoying a full-time job see barely over a 2% chance. The employment status of wives doesn’t have much effect on the probability of divorce.

Divorce Affects Kids — Just Now How You Think

The study shows that kids aren’t hurt as much by divorce as many things. The fighting between parents affects children more than a divorce. Children with parents who fought — and stayed together — were more likely get a divorce later in life than kids whose parents divorced.

March and August

The couple is more likely to get divorced in March and August than other times of the year. Experts think this is because of summer vacation and holidays which emphasize marital problems and edge spouses closer to calling it quits.

Contempt Kills Marriage

Thinking your spouse is stupid after a fight means you are probably heading to a divorce. People who attempt to understand their partner’s perspective in conflict often make the marriage work, and the relationship last. Contempt is like poison, at least that’s what John Gottman says.

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