Divorcing in New York — Take a Vacation

Divorce vacation

Hollywood celebrities marry and divorce and re-marry with regularity. Many Tinsel Town couplings don’t last as long as the star’s last movie.

The latest to untie the knot unhappily is a star New York housewife and her accused-of-stalking ex, Jason Hoppy.

The news isn’t all gloom and doom. While it’s too late for this couple, others may choose to take advantage of a growing travel niche — divorce vacations.

One Email Too Many?

Despite their divorce being final a twelve-months ago, the legal fight continues. Bethenny Frankel and her ex, Jason Hoppy, are still slugging it out down at divorce court.

Hoppy was detained in January after he hurled the “Real Housewives of New York” starlet numerous emails and texts. The tipping point apparently came when Hoppy appeared at their 6-year-old daughters Bryn’s school and confronted Frankel. Hoppy faced charges of second-degree aggravated harassment, a single count of stalking and one of second-degree harassment.

Hoppy went to court to contest the accusations, and the District Attorney’s office verified to E! News that Hoppy was indicted on more charges including third-degree stalking and another count of forty-degree stalking.

Hoppy’s lawyer filed a motion with the court to dismiss prior charges and said, “We reject the accusations and will address them in August when we go to court.

Before starting the divorce procedures in 2012, the pair hand been wed for two years. Their divorce took over three-years to settle as they battled over support, child guardianship, and even Frankel’s New York City condominium. In July 2016, Hoppy had leftf the Tribeca unit, and their lawyers affirmed the divorce was irrevocable.

Frankel lodged a grievance citing Hoppy of sending her more than 150 emails and text messages. She told law enforcement he reached her with many notes, one of which supposedly read, “I hope to talk with you as often as I see fit as I hope you will stop regardless of any lawyer you retain.”

Hoppy didn’t stop and was arrested when he showed up at Bryn’s school.

According to Frankel’s accusation, Hoppy approached her at the schoolhouse on January 27 and confronted her saying, “There’s zilch you can do to prevent me.”

Hoppy disputed the accusations and rejected an offer to plea bargain.

Divorce in Disneyland?

Roughly half of American’s first marriage wind up in divorce. The statistic isn’t comforting for those who are ready to tie the knot, but it’s good news for the travel industry.

Travel agencies are reporting an upsurge in persons traveling on vacation post-divorce according to Travel Weekly.

The cause could be “Eat, Pray, Love” or it may be a matrimonial reset button. Maybe many see a divorce as good a reason as any to collect some friends and escape.

Most post-divorce travelers are groups of women ranging from the late-40s to early-50s. The tend to select all-inclusive vacations to cities like Las Vegas, New York or New Orleans.

Hotels and even resorts are offering packages that cate to the post-divorce crowd.

In Cabo San Lucas, Breathless Resorts offers an “Untying the Knot” package which includes a ceremony centered on breaking a pinata complete with a photograph of the ex. The pinata celebration includes plenty of champagne, a spa treatment and a room upgrade for the newly-divorced.

For the little bolder, there are packages for folks who want to take one last vacation with their soon-to-be-ex. The Divorce Hotel in Amsterdam helps splitting-spouses kill two birds with one weekend. Guests check in with their spouse and check out as singles.

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