Entitlement, Driver’s Licenses, Sexting and Divorce

It’s not just those with deep pockets or celebrity status that see their marriages vaporize. But it often happens to men who walk around with a sense of entitlement.

In New York, two men are afflicted with this childish behavior.

Chaim and Wiener.

But first Chaim.

In a never-seen-before action, Israeli rabbinical leaders pulled the travel documents of a New York man who declined to convince his son to give his wife a religious divorce.

Jacob Hoffman financed his son, Chaim, for more than ten years since the younger Hoffman separated from his spouse, Debi.

Chaim, now with a new girlfriend, divides his waking hours between a house in Brooklyn and a condo in an extravagant Trump building close to Miami. Both the house and apartment are controlled by his parents.

“Everything we understand regarding this shows that the parents are helping, empowering, supporting and assisting the son’s recalcitrance,” Rabbi Jeremy Stern said. “Let the father boot Chaim to the road and let him understand that he can’t remain in the homes till he divorces.”

Stringent Jewish law says a female is deemed married, fastened in and unable to remarry until her spouse gives the final divorce.

“It’s shameful this is the exclusive way to resolve the predicament of this woman by confiscating her father-in-law’s passport,” said Ruth Halperin-Kaddari, Director of the Rackman Center for the Advancement of the Status of Women at Israel’s Bar—IIan University.

Orthodox judges are permitted to place deterrents upon husbands who decline to divorce. The rabbinical court has suspended bank accounts and revoked driver’s licenses as a way to compel husbands in Israel, but those out of the nation are mainly out their reach.

Women’s rights advocates said sanctions are used in only a handful of cases, but they should be utilized more often.

Chaim isn’t the only New York man whose sense of entitlement has led him to do some stupid things in the world orbiting around divorce.


Carlos Danger

Anthony Weiner, the spouse of Hillary Clinton’s most intimate aide, Huma Abedin, was competing for the office of New York Mayor when reporters found Weiner had proceeded to swap lewd notes with women even after the habit cost him his seat in Congress. His “handle” or nickname on social media was the moniker, “Carlos Danger.”

The story, and Ms. Abedin’s proximity to Clinton exploded far past New York. Clinton’s name was drawn into untidy headlines at the least opportune time — weeks before the 2016 election.

Weiner’s behavior pulled Clinton inside a drama, not of her making as Federal investigators checking Weiner’s laptop and cellphone for texts and pictures swapped with a minor, found “thousands of emails” possibly linked to the FBI probe into Clinton’s private online server.

Several of Clinton’s friends encouraged the then-candidate to bring distance to her and Abedin’s relationship. That wouldn’t work for Clinton. She once described Abedin as a proxy daughter.

The women’s closeness has intimidated people in the Clinton orbit of status-concerned friends and sparked envy. Even as Clinton learned of the FBI’s interest, Abedin was beside her while Clinton prepared a statement to the news.

Clinton has always held Weiner at arm’s length. She has continuously supported Abedin notwithstanding the public mockery and career collapse Weiner brought on himself. When The New York Post told Abedin that it intended to distribute the story reporting Weiner’s continued inappropriate behavior, Abedin announced she was splitting from her husband. Clinton was on vacation in the Hamptons and kept distant from the account.

Advisers to the Clintons were frustrated earlier this year when they found out Weiner and Abedin were creating another distraction. The couple had allowed a look-behind-the-scenes documentary about Weiner’s mayoral bid — the documentary gave new life to the sexting stories.

So far Abedin hasn’t completely thrown the towel in on her marriage to the former-Congressman with the oddly appropriate name.

Both Chaim and Weiner would do well to remember this quote: “Everybody deserves love, but nobody is entitled to it.”

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