How the Mother-Son Relationship Contributes to Divorce

Mother with a son during a divorce

In some families there is a very strong mother-son relationship. These extra-close mommy-sons can be spotted quite easily. While this may be an okay thing in most circumstances, once the son is married, this mother-son bond can often lead to major problems.


Most women who marry sons devoted to their mothers are unable to stand the son’s mother because they feel that she is controlling him. Others feel that the son is always putting the mother first and is ignoring his spouse/partner’s feelings and needs.


This mother-son relationship does not break off even when the son gets a girlfriend or a wife. And it is becoming more evident that such relationships also have a huge toll on marriage to the point of divorce.


What people often forget is that these mother-son relationships are formed in childhood and there may have been factors at play that develop this so-called special bond. For example, the father may have left the home and the son may have had no other sibling. Or the father may have died and the son may have become too close to his mother to compensate for the loss of his dad. Or maybe the father treated the mum very poorly and the son feels like he needs to show more affection.


In any case, these relationships cannot just be broken because the son has a new girlfriend or is getting married. And this often leads to problems.


For women who meet a son devoted to his mother, it is important to understand that there are some mother-son relationships that are unhealthy. If the son always feels obligated to put the mom above the girlfriend or the wife, then this is very unhealthy. Eventually the girlfriend or the wife fill dump him. A healthy relationship is where the son is able to keep a healthy balance between his mother and his spouse.


If the guy is always fearful of his mother and is unable to break out from her shadow, this can lead to an unhealthy relationship with his spouse. Men can be close to their mothers but do not have to fear them.


For women who fall in love with a son who is attached to his mother, it is difficult to provide any firm advice. However, if the son is always putting the mother first and obeys every command without question, then it is unlikely he will change after marriage. That is why divorce rates for men who are too attached to their mothers are generally high. 

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