Seven Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship

Unhealthy Relationship
Staying in an unhealthy relationship can hurt. Understanding the indicators of an unhealthy relationship permits you to work on it or move on — and recover. To help recognize some of the signals of a sick relationship, Nancy Simon, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker has some pointers:

What are the seven indicators of a sick relationship?

The signs are:

  1. Feeling stressed

A healthy relationship will feel safe and stress-free.

  1. Your partner reminds you of a drug

Feeling like you can’t live without your partner and experiencing withdrawal when they’re gone, they may have become a drug for you.

  1. Fighting

Each relationship has conflicts. If conflict happens more often than not, this is not good. Anger becomes toxic in large doses.

  1. Too much loving

If you find you are having sex all the time and not connecting emotionally, sex is serving another purpose. Not having enough — or having too little — something else may be the problem.

  1. Cheating

Having an emotional or sexual affair means you are avoiding the problems in your main relationship. It will be impossible to work on the main relationship while the affair continues.

  1. In Prison?

Healthy relationships lead to growth and freedom. The ability to be heard — along with safety and autonomy — are vitally important.

  1. Public Embarrassment

If your partner pokes fun at you or becomes violent, you are in a relationship with someone who cannot manage their anger. Without help, the behavior only gets worse.

  1. Alcohol or Drugs Lubricates the Relationship

If you’re not sure who your partner is after the buzz wears off, there’s a problem. Behind the jokes, is there some feeling of safety, trust, and respect?

If you see any of these signs, seek out a mental health professional for suggestions on how to open the lines of communication with your partner.

“Couples counseling I helpful if both parties are willing to do some hard work. Some couples go to counseling to save the relationship while others need the counseling to separate and end the relationship. If economics are a concern, seek out a mental health provider who takes insurance”, says Simon.

Couples who are being challenged in their day-to-day relationship don’t have to give up all hope.

“There is ALWAYS hope once a person’s needs are understood”, says Simon.